Grow Elgin – Bulletin

Bulletin 2 – early May 2020      

Welcome back to our second REAP Grow Elgin Bulletin. You’ll find more facts, tips and links to videos, webpages and Facebook posts, from REAP and others. We hope you get some ideas and inspiration to grow your own in these interesting times… And do let us know how you get on – photos always welcome for us to share on our website and Facebook to help inspire others.

Enjoy, stay safe and eat well!

  • Last week we had a video showing how to prepare your bed for sowing – well here’s the follow-up showing you all about how to sow outside.
  • Made your windowsill planter from last time? It’s not too late to sow the veggies that need starting inside, before being planted out in a few weeks’ time – check out our video.
  • Seeds but no compost? Sprout seeds in your kitchen and within days be scoffing super nutrient dense sprouts. All you need is an up-cycled plastic tray and a wee bit of kitchen roll, or a jar. Here’s our wee factsheet plus a more in-depth web article – there’ll be a video coming soon.
  • Keep checking out our Facebook posts – there are all sorts on there.
  • A tip for growing parsnips – germinate and grow seeds inside first: sprinkle some seeds into a reused plastic tray lined with kitchen paper and water; place on a windowsill and check the paper is damp every day; after 3 to 5 days seeds will germinate; then transfer germinated seed into wee pots carefully using a pencil point, having made a dent in the soil first. Wait till roots are coming out the bottom of the pot before transferring the whole pot into your prepared bed.
  • As this web article details, gardening is great for wellbeing, including boosting your immune system. And you don’t need to do a lot, it all helps. Yet another reason to grow your own…
  • Getting bored at home and fancy a wee DIY project repurposing an old wooden gate or pallet? Short on garden space but want to grow more? In this video a (Geordie) Forres grower shows you how to build a ‘vertical salad wall’ for pennies.
  • REAP Growing packs – we promised you some more information on these last time. So, new growers in Elgin, you can find out more here about free seeds and growing pack, plus help from us and a wee bit you can do to help us in exchange.


  • Plant tatties if you haven’t already
  • Harvest rhubarb – yum! Pull rather than cut the stems.
  • Sow peas into the warming soil, in a trench – a nice big seed for wee kids to sow.
  • Keep sowing salad seeds – just some at a time so they don’t all come ready at once.
  • Sow tender beans, courgettes, squash and more inside, for a gentle start.
  • It sure is sowing time! Sow chard, beetroot, carrots and other root crops direct into the soil (you could sow salad (spring) onions next to your carrots to deter carrot root fly).
  • Water as needed, especially seedlings – it’s best in the morning/evening to avoid full sun.