Grow Elgin Bulletin

Bulletin 3 – late May 2020

Here we are again with our third bulletin. You’ll find more links to videos, factsheets and web articles from REAP and others, plus tips. We hope you find some interesting inspiration to Grow Your Own and maybe do it differently. We always love to hear how you’re getting on – We’d love to share your photos and tales on our website and Facebook to help inspire others.

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Enjoy, stay safe and eat well!

  • REAP Growing packs are going fast! Remember that new growers in the Elgin area can get free seeds and support from us in taking their first steps to ‘grow your own’. There’s just a few growing packs left and the growing season waits for no (wo)man – get yours here.
  • You can even make a lovely wee planter for your windowsill from an old tetra-pak milk or juice carton – it’s a nice quick project for the little ones; check out our new factsheet.
  • Kids love worms, and so do all of us at REAP – a gardener’s best friend! You can make a mini-wormery from an old plastic drinks bottle to feed them and observe how they behave – educational and fun! Here’s another new factsheet.
  • Wee tip – no need to buy new plastic labels for sowing or planting: reuse old milk bottles or tetra-pak cartons cut into strips or keep ice cream lolly sticks. Sand paper is good for roughing up the surface to write on – we find pencil is generally best. Or use pebbles with acrylic paint or suitable pens. And here’s loads more lovely creative ideas.
  • Plastic eh? Did you know there are about 500 million plastic pots in circulation?! At REAP we try to reduce our plastic use in the garden, as I’m sure many of you do, to help save the planet. Not sure where to start or wanting more cunning ideas? Check out these resources from the Royal Horticultural Society or Gardening Without Plastic. And we recommend this book through our friends at Trellis, the therapeutic gardening organisation for Scotland – really useful.
  • Talking of therapeutic gardening, we do hope you are finding growing and being in nature beneficial to your wellbeing. Identifying trees in the park or on walks can be great fun and a welcome distraction from anxiety and low mood, plus being nurturing time connecting with nature and good learning for all. The Woodland Trust have some great resources, including Tree ID for kids, a tree ID phone app and some fun nature activities to do at home with the kids.
  • Remember the importance of tasty food to health, wellbeing and enjoyment – check out our recipe for Baby Leeks and Cheese on Toast – mm! There’s loads of downloads of all sorts of factsheets, leaflets and more on our website and of course keep checking our Facebook posts.


  • Support peas and broad beans – use dead branches/twigs or canes, plus natural twine
  • Sow climbing runner/french beans direct in the soil, making them a tall robust structure first
  • ‘Pot on’ courgettes/pumpkins into bigger pots but keep them coddled for a while longer
  • Plant out young kale and cabbage plants – they’ll need netting from birds and beasties
  • Keep sowing lettuce, rocket, radish, spinach and chard – little and often!
  • (Seeds closer together for baby leaves, further apart for full sized plants – check the packet)