Edintore Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The Community Fund for the Edintore Wind Farm launched in January 2017, after the commissioning of the wind farm. The developer, Edintore Wind Farm Ltd provides the community benefit fund and  makes £70,500 per year available to the local community. Application for funding is by completing a grant application form and providing supporting evidence. Priority is given to groups operating in the primary area of benefit (see map) or projects benefiting people in that area.  REAP administers the fund and a panel of local representatives will assess grant applications and allocate the funds.

The Edintore Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund is now open for applications. Deadline for applications is Tuesday August 27th at 5pm.

Application forms
For applications of up to £1,000 (i.e. £999.99) you can download the small grants application form here (Word document) or here (pdf).

For applications of £1,000 or more you can download the standard grants application form here (Word document) or here (pdf).

Paper copies are available on request from REAP.

(Our top tips for completing a funding application are available here.)

Please find an example of a well written and previously successful application here.

Applications can be accepted at any time of year at the REAP office. If the application is received at least 7 days before the deadline, it will be checked for completeness. After this applications will be passed to the Panel and may be rejected if incomplete. Support is available to help you complete your application if needed. After the Decision Making meeting all applicants will be informed by email if their application has been successful or unsuccessful.

To be eligible for the Edintore Wind Farm Community Grant Scheme groups or organisations must:

  • be properly constituted
  • have a bank account in the organisation’s name with at least 2 unrelated signatories
  • meet at least one of the fund criteria – to provide social or environmental benefit or a benefit beyond the 25-year lifespan of the fund

Application guidance notes are available here and you can download a step-by-step guide to the application process here.

Our top tips for completing a funding application are available here.

Please note that running costs will no longer be excepted for funding.

Paper copies are available on request. For more information, please email info@reapscotland.org.uk or call the office on 01542 888070. You can also find more information about the wind farm and community benefit here.

Minutes of recent Decision Making Panel meeting click here. Previous minutes are available on the Downloads page.