New Elgin Wellbeing Garden


With the generous support of the NHS Charity Fund and the Moray Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, our Wellbeing Garden project is aimed at providing instantaneous reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms, while gardening and spending time with nature. Activities also includes nature craft, stone painting, creating mud pies and simple cooking with the produce we grow. Currently located at the New Elgin Community Garden 15-17 Land Street, Elgin IV30 6BL, the project offers two sessions a week filled with enriching experiences.  

These sessions cater to individuals facing low to moderate mental health conditions, mild physical disabilities, or experiencing isolation, loneliness or bereavement. 


Impact and Mission 

For over a decade, our gardening project has been nurturing individuals, enhancing their wellbeing through nature-based interventions such as gardening and tending to plants. Beyond helping to improve mental and physical health of local people in rural communities, we’re contributing to a greener future by promoting local food production and composting, thus playing a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our overarching goals encompasses bolstering resilience in mental health, reducing health inequalities, and fostering community integration. 


Session Schedule 

Tuesdays 12.30pm – 3.30pm 

Thursdays 9.30am – 12.30pm


If you’d like to be part of the amazing activities that this project offers, and discover the world of gardening, including sowing seeds, nurturing vegetables and fruit trees, mastering composting, and harvesting your own bountiful produce to take home, as well as enjoying a cup of tea and engaging chat with other participants amidst the greenery, please email We have designed an info pack for referrers where you can find answers to your questions and more information about the project: REAP-Info-Pack-for-Referrers-2023