Sustainable Action Moray (SAM)


Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, our SAM project promotes growing spaces Moray-wide. Sustainable Action Moray (SAM) is aimed at building on our success with our previous projects which were successful in promoting local growing and farming in rural Moray towns through our GROW PROJECT from 2014 to 2022. SAM aims to continue to expand these sustainability initiatives. While the GROW PROJECT was made possible through the generous funding received from The Climate Challenge Fund. 

To carry out the project output, we work with community groups, schools, and individuals across Moray to encourage and support the development of green spaces with the ultimate aim of increasing the uptake of local growing of fruits and vegetable cultivation and consumption, as well as promoting composting, as a way to reduce food waste, while also taking action on climate change, and raising awareness about personal carbon footprint reduction.


How Does SAM Involve the Community?

REAP’s strength lies in our collaborative approach with local groups and local organizations to maximize the benefits of the project. We believe strongly in working together to reduce carbon footprint and promote a green future where there are opportunities for people across Moray, who would like to grow their own food to do so while also taking action on climate change. The project has a history of successful partnerships with several local partners and collaborators which is helping to get Moray to get growing. 

If you need help or advice with developing your garden or want to start a new growing activity, contact our Community Garden Worker by emailing or