Grow Elgin – Bulletin

Bulletin 1 – early April 2020  

Welcome to the first REAP Grow Elgin Bulletin! We’ll be publishing regularly in these interesting times – we aim to give you wee ideas and inspiration to keep or start growing your own food (and composting) at home, even with limited resources, and even if you don’t have a garden!

There’s a mixture of standalone facts and tips, plus links to videos, webpages and Facebook posts, both from REAP and many other canny folk out there. If you find things here useful, let us know how you get on – photos are always welcome and we will share them on our website and Facebook to inspire others.

If you would like to download this bulletin to share with others please click here.

Enjoy and stay safe and well!

  • Nature waits for no (wo)man – we’re now right in the busy spring growing season. It’s a good time to start first outside sowings outside of certain veggie seeds – first thing of course is prepping your veg beds. Check out our super quick video by clicking here.
  • Hungry Gap?! Not for all though – you might still have veggies ready to eat right now in your garden. Our Dorothy does – check out Facebook posts here of her photos, plus ones of spring growth at Cooper Park, to bring joy to your heart (and a hunger pang to your belly perhaps…).
  • Got some seeds and a wee bit of compost? Finding it hard to get outside at the moment or just wanting to start off more tender crops like tomatoes or courgettes inside? Here’s something to do with the kids – make yourself a windowsill planter!
  • Can’t make it far at the moment? Don’t let that stop you! This blog by local naturalist Dan Puplett has great tips for nature connection for wellbeing, from inside your window or in your garden!
  • The RHS Campaign for School Gardening has some lovely accessible resources – check them out.
  • REAP Growing packs: if you live in the Elgin area and would like to get growing, we are offering a Grow Your Own kit to get you started; they’ll be great for getting started at home with children. We need to reach new people through our project, so the kits are mainly for new growers. However, even if you’ve been involved with Grow Elgin before, you can get some free seeds by introducing a friend in Elgin new to growing when they get their pack. There’ll be more information on this in our next bulletin – or call us on 01542 888070 and leave a message.


  • Sow seeds direct outside e.g. salad leaves, spinach and carrot. Need tips? Our factsheet might help.
  • Chit seed potatoes (if you haven’t already) so they’re best ready to plant later this month
  • Get into your compost bin/heap and use the free compost in your veg beds – see our factsheets.
  • Listen to relaxing birdsong – and read more about it from the RSPB.