Apples, apples, apples…

You can freeze, refrigerate and wrap apples to store them. You can bake them, roast them, juice them, mull them, make pie, crumble, muffins, tarts, chutney them, dry them in the oven or airing cupboard to make apple crisps or jelly them alone or with other flavours. Apple loves bramble, greengage, cinnamon, rosehip, chilli, cheese, lavendar, rosemary, sage… The list goes on. They are so versatile and the perfect portable snack.

Here are a few of links to apple recipes – please get in touch if you’d like to add yours.


wee appleThe Fife Diet has recipes galore here – see Applicious Autumn for All to get your tastebuds tingling.
For a range of seasonal recipes and ideas, why not join The Fife Diet? Membership is free, and in return for pledging to cut your carbon FOODprint, you’ll be kept up to date with all sorts of goings on and receive 4 lovely seasonal recipe books over the course of the first year. See for more information.


wee apple

Love Food, Hate Waste is always a good spot to stop for recipe ideas to use up bits n bobs.
There are plenty ideas for dealing with an apple glut and using every bit. Click here for a link to a refreshing apple peel drink.


wee apple

BBC Good Food website – recipes are tested and commented on by real-life cooks.
You can search for things that are quick or easy or vegetarian or low calories A is for apples and there are over 300 apple recipes here!


wee apple

The Royal Horticultural Society has a list of seasonal food recipes  – with a couple of apple cakes to start you off.