Maryhill Therapeutic Garden Volunteers

REAP is currently looking for 2 to 3 volunteers to help support upcoming gardening sessions at their Maryhill Therapeutic Garden in Elgin. Working alongside the REAP team, volunteers will help participants get involved in gardening activities, helping people to build their skills, confidence, and wellbeing.
Therapeutic gardening is the use of garden space to improve and build resilience in mental health; to increase physical activity; develop social skills and encourage a healthier diet. REAP’s aim is to help participants improve their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing through gardening and socialising in a beautiful, peaceful environment.
Sessions run on a weekly basis on Tuesday afternoons 2-5pm or Thursdays 10-12:30pm. Volunteers can help people take part in various gardening activities such as sowing seeds, learning about composting and harvesting vegetables to take home. There’s also a chance to socialise during the tea breaks! At the moment, we would prefer volunteers who can support the Thursday morning gardening group.
If you are a friendly, patient person, able to engage with a wide variety of people, and can volunteer outside in a practical way, have an interest in gardening ( food growing or ornamental 😊 ), or even have skills that could help build a new garden bench!) please do get in touch with REAP, who will be very happy to tell you more about how to get involved. Please contact us on: or ring 01542 888070 for further details.