Energy News

The Scottish Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes, has today announced the support that Scottish Households will receive to help with increasing energy costs.
πŸ’‘ Β£150 to every household in receipt of Council Tax Reduction in any Council Tax Band
πŸ’‘ Β£150 to all other occupied households in Bands A to D
Households will receive a singular payment this April – households receiving Council Tax Reduction will receive payment irrelevant of their Band and for those who pay regular Council Tax, eligible households in Bands A to D will receive payment.
This means 1.85 million households, or 73% of all households, will receive financial support through their council tax bill or a direct payment
πŸ’‘ Β£10 million in 2022-23 will be used to continue the Fuel Insecurity Fund to help households from rationing their energy use
πŸ’‘ This is in addition to the Β£200 reduction to all UK household electricity bills which is due to happen in October, see Martin Lewis’ video below which explains clearly how this will work