Are you seeing double??

Our Energy Advisers are working hard to make sure we can provide you with the right support and advice, saving you money.

 A recent case has shown that some energy customers with electric central heating could be due a refund.

 If you have electric heating with two electricity meters and have switched provider, check your bill now to make sure you are not paying two daily standing charges. Those with two meters most likely switched from SSE  ‘Total Heating Total Control’ (THTC) tariff.

 One of REAP’s Energy Advisers persuaded our client’s energy provider to seek clarity from the regulator, Ofgem about this. Ofgem found the rules have been misinterpreted. The energy provider should not have been charging two standing charges and should refund all of their affected customers. This is great news! ALL energy companies who were charging two daily standing charges for this meter set up will now have to change their Terms & Conditions and refund all those who have been wrongly charged. 

The background to this is regulation changes in 2016 which encouraged competition in the market for those on ‘dynamic’ or ‘exotic’ meters such as THTC.  Customers had two meters, one to provide lower cost electric central heating via storage heaters, and one for standard supply such as lights and sockets.

Some energy providers started offering an alternative tariff with a single rate for electricity, priced between the low rate and standard rate of THTC. In some cases, two standing charges have been applied. The standing charge is the cost of having access to the supply, usage charges are paid on top.

If you think you have been wrongly charged, please get in contact with your energy supplier. If you live in Moray and need additional support with this, please get in touch with us.